Using x-text in Alpine JS [Complete Guide with Examples]

Alpine JS provides x-text directive to display some text dynamically on the web page. You can display any information you want on the web page using x-text with other Alpine JS directives. This post covers almost all the use cases where you need to x-text directive.

How to Use x-text in Alpine JS.

Before using x-text directive, you need data. You can use that data to with x-text and an HTML tag anywhere on the web page. The following example uses a span tag and x-text to set the innerText value.

Using x-text with x-if Directive

You can also use the x-text directive inside a template with x-if directive to render something based on a condition. The following example uses a template with x-if directive to display a span with x-text.

The above code will not display anything because the showTitle is false.

Using x-text with Simple Array and For Loop in Alpine JS

When working on a real-world project, you might have to loop through an array to display some text with x-text. The following example uses an array of items in the cart with x-for in Alpine JS to display data.

Using x-text with Array of Objects Alpine JS

You might have an API in your project that return an array of objects that you want to use x-text to display data. You can also use x-for with an array of objects combined with x-text directive. The following example displays information about 2 users with x-for and x-text.

The above example will display 2 names on the screen from the array of objects.


You can use x-text directive anywhere in your project that will display the information dynamically. The x-text directive can be used within a x-if template or x-for template.

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