Showing Hiding Element with x-show in Alpine JS

You often need to show or hide elements on your page with a condition. This is usually done by using JavaScript by changing the CSS styles of elements. Alpine JS offers x-show directive to conditionally show or hide an element.

Using x-show to Show or Hide an Element

Using x-show is used to show or hide elements in the DOM. This actually adds style properties of display:none or display:block depending on the value. The following example illustrates how to show an element with a button click with x-show.

Difference Between x-if and x-show

You might ask, what’s the difference between x-if and x-show because you can hide an element with x-if as well. The x-if directive is useful in many other situations like adding to conditional classes or showing or hiding a modal. The x-show directive is specifically designed to show or hide an element in the DOM like a div or a button.


You can hide or show an element with x-show directive in Alpine JS. This directive removes or adds the element in the DOM tree depending on the condition. The x-show comes in handy when you have a section that you want to show on a specific condition. Please read more on the official docs of Alpine JS.

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