If else Condition in Alpine JS | x-if and x-else

When working with Alpine JS, you are going to handle many conditions. You can have if-else conditions in Alpine JS with x-if directive. On the official documentation about x-if there is not much explanation. Here is an article if you are looking to add conditional classes in Alpine JS.

x-if Direcitve in Alpine JS

You can use x-if directive to conditionally render different sections of code on your web page. Here is a simple example of x-if directive that checks whether the user is logged in.

x-else Directive in Alpine JS

Unfortunately, there is no x-else directive in Alpine JS, but you can use x-if multiple times to handle conditions. The following code snippet displays a separate message if the user is not logged in.

Multiple checks with x-if Directive

You can add multiple checks using && , || operators. With these operators, you can handle any condition you want. The following code snippet checks if the logged-in user is an admin or a normal user.


Alpine JS only has x-if directive to use but you can utilize it to handle almost any possible conditions. With the help of && ||operators, you can handle as many conditional renderings as you want.

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