How to Remove Empty String from Array in JavaScript

Working with real data in a project, you might face problems when you have an array that contains empty strings. You might want to remove all the empty strings before displaying data or iterating the array with map function.

How to Remove Empty String From an Array

The simplest and easiest way to remove all the empty values in an array is to use the filter() method. You can specify the condition that will not return the empty values. The following example is using the filter function and removes all the empty strings.

Shorthand Syntax to Remove Empty Strings From Array

This filter method can be converted to even more simple syntax by just adding Boolean as a parameter. Check the following code that uses shorthand syntax to remove empty values.

You can also read how to remove undefined values from the array when working .map function.


You can remove all the empty strings from an array with filter function. The function will return all the truthy values by eliminating all the falsy values. Check the official documentation about filter function in JavaScript.


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