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2 Ways to Remove All Children Elements in JavaScript

There are situations when you have to remove all the children elements in javascript. Different approaches can be used to remove all the children...

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JavaScript indexOf vs findIndex – [Complete Guide with Examples]

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How to Insert an Element to a Specific Index in Array in JavaScript

The array methods are confusing sometimes if you don't know which method is suitable for your situation. This article explains how to insert an...

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Slice vs Splice in JavaScript – [End Your Confusion Today]

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Add Comma as Thousand Separator to Input Field in JavaScript

If you are working with a simple website or a react application, There are 3 common situations where you have to add a comma...

Is it Worth Learning jQuery in 2023

The question "is it worth learning jQuery?" is asked by many developers. As there are tons of javascript frameworks out there, its hard to...

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