Add Comma as Thousand Separator to Input Field in JavaScript

If you are working with a simple website or a react application, There are 3 common situations where you have to add a comma as a thousand separators.

  1. Add a comma to the input field while the user is typing.
  2. Add a comma to static data like price in react or HTML.

Adding Comma to Input Field While the User is Typing

This is a very common use case where you want to add a comma to an input field while the user is typing. For this, you need to use the regular expression to replace the input value when the user is typing. The following example adds a comma while the user is typing.

Please note that you can’t have a comma to a number type input because a comma is actually a string.

Using toLocalString Javascript method to Add a comma

You can use the built-in javascript function toLocalString to add a thousand separator commas if you are displaying information on a web page. This is very useful when you are working with a framework like React or Vue. Here is an example of the first situation.

If you are using react you can simply write the following code to make it work. You can read more about toLocaleString javascript method at



There are 2 use cases where you need to add a comma in number values. The first is when the user is typing in a form input and the second is when displaying static data like price. You can use a regular expression to add commas in the HTML input field when the user is typing. There is a build-in function toLocaleString which is helpful when you are displaying a number value on a web page.


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